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Complete "Canon In D" Jam Pack
Learn Pachelbel's Canon in D "Note for Note" on the guitar

Dan Sindel teaches you how to play the main melody in this instructional guitar lesson
Follow step-by-step via Dan's popular EZGTR YouTube video guitar lesson series

This lesson features:

Complete Version of Pachelbel's Canon in D (45 pages - all 4 guitar parts) PDF Lesson Book
Quality mp3 backing track to practice the lead guitar part of the Canon in D
Helpful basic music theory and alternate Chord Streams in the Key of D

BONUS mp3 - We have also included Dan Sindel's acclaimed "Symphonic Guitars" version of the Canon which showcases the 1st guitar part.

LEARN TO PLAY: Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1

Dan Sindel is back with his Symphonic Guitar version of Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 (BWV 1007).

Learn Prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 "note for note" on the guitar with the EZGTR online video series

If you are a fan of progressive rock such as ELP, Dream Theater etc... you will be to sure to love this as well

<< Download MP3 for 99 cents
<< Download Complete JAM PACK only $3.99

THE COMPLETE JAM PACK (Sheet music/tab, mp3 & backing track)

*The Complete Version Includes the PDF tab Workbook and a quality backing track to practice the lead/first chair guitar part of the Prelude. Also included is Dan Sindel's version of the Prelude, showcasing the 1st guitar part.

Quick Guide To Reading Notes On The Guitar Neck" eBook

Learn to read notes and identify them on your guitar with the "EZGTR - Quick Guide To Reading Notes" eBook.

Just in time for the holidays, The "EZGTR - Quick Guide To Reading Notes" eBook is ready for purchase!

Give the gift of musical knowledge!!!
29 pages of valuable info and charts.
A bargain at $3.99 - BUY NOW

**This eBook is jam packed with all kinds of great info but it is not a complete tutorial on all
aspects of reading or music theory. It is intended to give the guitar student a quick
overview of 'how to identify' and 'where to find' the correct notes.
EZGTR Jam Packs - Starting at 99 Cents!

"I have been using an awesome guitar tab/notation application called PROGRESSION by NotionMusic and I have taken the time to create a few helpful Beginning-to-Intermediate Jam Packs using the software. I hope you find these guitar lessons useful and enjoyable." - Dan Sindel


Learn the 5 positions of the Blues Scales "Key of A"

Learn the 5 positions of the Major Pentatonic Scales "Key of A"

Learn 6 Basic Positions of the Dm7 Chord (with arpeggios)

Learn the 7 positions of the E Major Scale

All Jam Pack audio samples were created by using PROGRESSION Guitar Tab/Notation Software

** You do not have to own PROGRESSION Software in order to enjoy the EZGTR Jam Packs **

Individual Jam Packs Include:
• 3 tempos to help improve your timing and muscle memory
• High quality 320kbps mp3’s
• PDF Lesson Book with Tab and Grid diagrams
• PROGRESSION (.prog) file*
Complete Jam Packs Include:
• All 9 tempos (40, 60, 76, 96, 120, 144, 168, 184, 208 bpm)
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