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"7 positions of the E Major Scale" Jam Packs

"I have been using an awesome guitar tab/notation application called PROGRESSION by NotionMusic and I have taken the time to create a few helpful Beginning-to-Intermediate Jam Packs using the software. I hope you find these guitar lessons useful and enjoyable." - Dan Sindel

Listen to audio samples:
All Jam Pack audio samples are created by using *PROGRESSION Guitar Tab/Notation Software
"7 positions of the E Major Scale - Complete Jam Pack 
All 9 tempos :: 40, 60, 76, 96, 120, 144, 168, 184, 208 bpm

• Practice at your own pace with the included Tab, Grids and .mp3 files
• 72 high quality 320Kbps mp3’s - each mp3 is set to a drum beat so you never lose the groove..!

For a limited time only

Learn the 7 positions of the Major Scale in the "Key of E " with these easy to understand guitar lessons.

Individual Jam Packs Include:
• 3 tempos to help improve your timing, accuracy and muscle memory
• 24 high quality 320kbps mp3’s (8 mp3's per tempo)
• PDF Lesson Book with Tab and Grid diagrams of the 7 scale patterns
• PROGRESSION (.prog) file*

Listen to audio samples:  

E Major Scale - "Easy" Jam Pack - Buy Now .99 Cents

(3 tempos: 40, 60, 76 bpm - 24 high quality mp3ís)
Perfect for the beginning guitarist, these tempos start out super-slow and increase to a moderate pace. While practicing these slow tempos may not sound too musical at first they help you understand and visualize the scale patterns and help build confidence towards practicing at increased tempos. With a good practice schedule most beginning guitarists can graduate from the easy level to the intermediate in no time flat.

E Major Scale - "Intermediate" Jam Pack - Buy Now .99 Cents

(3 tempos: 96, 120, 144 bpm - 24 high quality mp3ís
We raise the tempos slightly with these moderate-to-quick tempos. Perfect for the beginning-intermediate guitarist who is comfortable with the super-slow tempos and ready for the next challenge. These faster paced tempos should keep most students busy for awhile until they are ready to graduate to the pro level.

E Major Scale - "Pro" Jam Pack - Buy Now .99 Cents

(3 tempos: 168, 184, 208 bpm - 24 high quality mp3’s)

The ultimate challenge for any musician should be to be able to play notes as fast and as clean as possible. By cranking up the metronome to super-fast tempos the Pro Jam Pack helps you build the speed and confidence you are looking for.

E Major Scale - "Complete" Jam Pack - Buy Now $1.99

(BEST DEAL - All 9 tempos: 40, 60, 76, 96, 120, 144, 168, 184, 208 bpm - 72 high quality mp3’s)
A combination of all 3 EZGTR "A Blues" Scale Jam Packs in one convenient download. From super-slow to super-fast tempos the Complete Jam Pack has got you covered.

Build Strength, Timing and Accuracy
One of the main goals for any guitarist should be to have a great sense of timing and accuracy when playing scales. The EZGTR Jam Packs are designed to enable the beginning to intermediate guitarist to practice the basic scale patterns by offering 9 levels of carefully selected tempos which gradually increase in speed. Now you can build the speed and confidence you are looking for!

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