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- Privacy Policy -

We at ezgtr.com respect the privacy and confidentiality of our valuable students. We will keep your identity and that of your child, if applicable, strictly confidential, to the greatest extent allowed by law.

Please read this privacy notice (as well as the terms of our User Agreement and our Policies and Procedures (for “1 on 1 Lessons”)) carefully before using this web site.  We ask that all children 16 and under provide parental consent to use our services. In addition, we are required by federal law to take additional steps to protect the privacy of children under age 13.  (As used here and below, the terms “we,” “our” or “us” refer to Dan Sindel and/or ezgtr.com.  The terms “you,” “your” or “yours” refers to the student and/or the student’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s).)

« You can find all information on the ezgtr.com Legal Notice here.
« To read the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 in full detail.

Children under 13 years of age
We recognize the need to provide additional privacy protections when children under age 13 visit this web site.  We explain those additional protections here in this Kids' Privacy Policy. For your convenience, this Kids' Privacy Policy uses terms that are defined in our general Legal Notice.  

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") requires that we inform parents and legal guardians about how we collect, use, and disclose personal information from children under 13 years of age; and that we obtain the consent of parents and guardians in order for children under 13 years of age to use certain features of our Web site. Below we explain how we do that for these "kids." Also, when we use the term "parent" below, we mean to include legal guardians.

Message to Parents and Guardians:
It is important that you monitor your children's communication on-line to insure that they do not provide personally identifiable information to websites that you feel are unacceptable. Tell your children to ask you or another adult to look at what they are doing first if they wish to provide their name, address, telephone number, or email address to a website. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to oversee any transmissions to/from ezgtr.com and asked to provide an email address so that any email transmission from ezgtr.com will come directly to you instead of, or in addition to, your child. We adhere to the strictest policies and highest standards of conduct. The content of our personalized video lessons and live webcam video transmissions are appropriate for all students, including children.  We do not use or condone profanity, abusive language or conduct that would be inappropriate for our students.

The following is how we will handle information we learn about you from your visit to our website. The information we receive depends upon what you do when visiting our site.

Information Collected and Stored Automatically:
We will collect no personal information about you when you visit our website unless you choose to provide that information to us. If you are under 13 and we have your parents’ consent, we collect and store only the following information about you: if you choose to opt-in to the EZGTR Newsletter, your name and email address. If you register for and/or purchase guitar lessons, your name, email address, age group (if 16 or under), basic information regarding skill level and musical interests.  If you do not choose to provide any personal information, we may nevertheless collect the name of the domain or Internet Protocol address from which you access the Internet (for example, yahoo.com, if you are connecting from a Yahoo account, or ucla.edu if you are connecting from the University of California, Los Angeles's domain); the date and time you access our site; and the Internet address of the website from which you linked directly to our site. We use the information we collect to measure the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, and to help us make our site more useful to visitors.

If You Identify Yourself by Sending an E-mail:
If you send us your name, e-mail address or personal identifying information by e-mail (for example, in a message containing a question or comment, opting in to the EZGTR Newsletter or by filling out a form that e-mails us this information), we may store this information and use it to respond to your requests.

We want to be very clear: We will not obtain personally-identifying information about you when you visit our site, unless you choose to provide such information to us.  We will only use this information to provide specified information and services to you or to improve our website and make it more useful to visitors.  In addition, we will only collect personal indentifying information from children under 13 with the consent of parents.  Parental consent will be obtained either at or before the time the information is collected or before any further communication with the child.

We Do Not Sell Or DiscloseYour Information to Others:
We do not distribute lists of names and/or e-mail addresses to any parties or any other business, except where required by law. We protect your privacy and hate SPAM just as much as you do.

We Only Ask For Necessary Information:
We only ask for information that is reasonably necessary to provide your child with the best possible musical learning experience.  We are prohibited by law from conditioning your child's participation in activities through ezgtr.com on the child's disclosure of more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such activity.

You May Review Your Child’s Information:
As a parent, you have the obligation to monitor your child’s internet activity and may review any personal information your child has provided to us.  A parent may also have us delete the child's personal information, and refuse to permit further collection or use of the child's information.  To exercise any of these options, simply email us at the address below and provide your name and contact information and the name of your child.  We may require verification of your parental status.

Security Notice:
For site security purposes and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, ezgtr.com web servers employ industry-standard methods to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on EZGTR servers are strictly prohibited and may be punishable by law, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and the National Information Infrastructure Protection Act. In the specific context of this security monitoring, there is no expectation of privacy. However, only in the case of actual law enforcement investigations, will we attempt to identify individual users or their usage habits.

User Submissions:
We will not disclose or display your name or likeness or voice without your permission (and for minor’s, the parent’s permission will also be obtained), except where such disclosure may be required by law. You agree that you will not post or transmit to or from this web site any unlawful, threatening, libelous, defamatory, obscene material, or any material that would violate any law (“Objectionable Material”). You further agree that if you post or transmit any Objectionable Material, we may terminate your lessons and you will not receive any partial or full refund from ezgtr.com.

Featured Student Videos:
From time to time, we may contact a student (or parent/legal guardian of a student under age 18) in order to obtain permission to use the student’s video, voice, likeness and/or name for promotional purposes.  While we and our students enjoy seeing video, still images and/or sound from real students learning to play guitar, we will never post videos and photos of students without a model release form with an authorized signature (including the signature of a parent/legal guardian for students under age 18).

Trademarks/Copyright Copyright Notice:
Copyright ©2010 ezgtr.com, All rights reserved.
All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Any rights not expressly granted to you herein are reserved by us.

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