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- About Dan Sindel -

Dan Sindel
has taught professionally for over 20 years, performed for hundreds of thousands of people and has earned features in current issues of Guitar Player and Electronic Musician magazines. Dan's unique concept; "Symphonic Guitars" has garnered international acclaim for his creative method of adapting classical arrangements to the electric and acoustic guitar. Dan has earned endorsements from some of the biggest names in musical manufactures and is also a member of ASCAP.

Dan's "Symphonic Guitar" arrangements have been downloaded well over 500,000 times via his website, blog and podcast’s and Dan clearly acknowledges that he "has a heart" for giving back and wants to help foster and enrich the talents of many an aspiring musician.

These are just a few of the recent spotlights in major publications and high profile website's
that Dan Sindel has earned with his "Symphonic Guitar" work.

"ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN" magazine - July 2008 issue

Pro/File: Guitars on the March
By Emile Menasche


It's not every day that you can say “electric guitar” and “John Philip Sousa” in the same breath, but the music of the March King has helped pave the way to national recognition for L.A. guitarist Dan Sindel. What started out as an exercise in learning how to use Digidesign Pro Tools led Sindel to create unique multitrack, electric guitar orchestrations of Sousa's tunes (see Web Clips 1 and 2) on his new EP Marching In (DSS Unlimited, 2008). The disc also features Sindel's “symphonic guitar” take on three excerpts from Handel's Messiah. The guitarist plans to release a full-CD version of Marching In later this year.
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"GUITAR PLAYER" magazine - April 2008 issue

The mention reads:
(page 36, Speaking of "The Liberty Bell", Michael Molenda editor in chief says)

"A lot of guitarists claim to be "orchestral" players, and the result is often dreadful to my ears, but Sindel is cagey enough to be both hilarious and enjoyable. His reading of this John Sousa march - perhaps best known as the Monty Python theme - is well arranged and goofy. It's whacked out genius!"

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Ultimate Guitar - Interview - July 2008

Dan Sindel: 'There Is A Lot Of Power For The Independent Musician Nowadays'

Since his inspired inspiring showing at the Winter NAMM in January, Dan Sindel has progressed from strength to strength, his recent symphonic tribute to John Philip Sousa even being reviewed on this very website. Reviewing Dan’s tribute to one of America’s greatest composers was an unique experience that has broadened my perspective of music, and I can only testify to Dan’s ebullience in the process. << Read full story


** Purchase Dan Sindel "Marching In" - CD Now available **
"Marching In" is an incredible musical journey. A must have for any fan of the electric guitar.

More reviews of Dan's CD "Marching In":

Marching In - A Tribute to the "March King"- John Philip Sousa Limited edition NAMM Sampler EP

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"We are rocking to the sounds of Sousa" - Sousa Archives and Center For American Music

"Dan Sindel' s CD Marching In: A Tribute to "The March King" John Philip Sousa is a unique and brilliant musical montage showcasing Dan's incredible orchestration of layered symphonic guitar melodies which will excite and intrigue fans of both classical music and guitar rock!" ---Bob Nalbandian, Shockwaves/HardRadio Podcast
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Also, be sure to visit Dan at his:

Website: www.dansindel.us
Symphonic Guitar Blog: http://dansindel.wordpress.com

When Dan Sindel was in 4th grade he learned to play trumpet and he has been making what he describes as a "joyful noise" ever since. This lifelong Los Angeles, California resident has made music the greatest part of his life.

Dan continued to play trumpet, French horn, and trombone in various Junior and Senior High School Jazz bands and orchestras. He used that opportunity to better understand how to read music and how to integrate with other musicians on many levels. Dan credits the Los Angeles public school system for his strong foundation in music and says "it's a shame that for political reasons many schools in L.A. have cut the music programs... when playing a musical instrument, especially at a very young age enriches, shapes and builds so much character as well as the positive impact on the community which playing music provides."

Then one day at the age of 14, it was all over! After hearing Jimmy Page hit the open "D" string and toggle the pickup selector switch and launch into the live version of "The Song Remains the Same", Dan knew his life would never quite "remain the same"... He signed up for guitar lessons with Philippe Willems, a protégé of the legendary Chord Chemist Ted Greene, and after a few years with Willems, he was fortunate enough to study with Greene himself. An honor, Dan says that he will never forget.

Dan fully admits that he cannot escape his roots. Born with a full dose of musical DNA from his classically trained mother (a pianist), Dan believes his "roots" are entrenched in the concert band, marching band and orchestra experiences of his youth. It is difficult for him to pinpoint any one major influence. Instead he says he is inspired by a wide range of artists and styles, label and Indie.

During the mid 80’s, "The Metal Years" of Los Angeles, Dan was in one of the "premiere" top bands on the local circuit and shared the stage with many national acts such as: Wendy O. Williams, King Diamond, Armored Saint, Grim Reaper, Racer X, Flotsam & Jetsam, Metal Church etc…

Currently Dan has been recording an extensive catalog of public domain orchestral works showcasing his musical depth and versatility as well as his own diverse musical compositions and we trust you will love the way Dan thinks "outside the box" and brings a new light to modern guitar playing and arrangement.


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